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Veterinary laser therapy treatment with a Class IV laser may aid in the healing of wounds, treatment of skin conditions, and healing of surgical skin incisions. It’s beneficial for cats and dogs of all ages and practically any condition causing pain.

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Pet Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a noninvasive procedure that uses light to enhance circulation and boost blood flow. It is not a surgical laser that slices tissue but rather a laser with varying wavelengths that aids tissue healing. The laser might potentially be used instead of acupuncture needles.

To decide whether a pet is a good candidate for laser therapy, our veterinarians will first analyze their pain management needs. Laser therapy is not recommended for cancer patients since it may aggravate or spread the disease. Our doctors will devise a personalized treatment strategy. Laser therapy is a typical supplemental treatment that promotes faster healing of surgical incisions while also alleviating arthritic pain.

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