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Pet Allergy Testing

Pet allergies are common, but symptoms associated with them can also indicate more serious issues. A variety of conditions can cause allergies. Our skilled veterinary team performs blood work and other tests to determine the source of your pet’s discomfort.

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Pet Allergy Testing

Serum allergy testing for pets is a valuable diagnostic tool used to identify specific animal allergies. By collecting a blood sample from your pet, our veterinarians can analyze it for antibodies that react to various allergens. This testing method effectively pinpoints the exact allergens responsible for the pet’s discomfort, itching, or other symptoms.

Once the specific allergens are identified, our veterinarians can develop targeted treatment plans for the pet. This may include immunotherapy, where the pet is gradually exposed to small amounts of the allergen to build tolerance, or dietary changes to eliminate the offending allergens from the pet’s diet. By utilizing serum allergy testing, veterinarians can enhance the pet’s quality of life by effectively managing and minimizing their allergic reactions.

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